Cat’s Eye Seven promo video for “Cat’s Eye”

A new unit have been formed – Cat’s Eye Seven, it includes members of idol groups Berryz Kobo and C-ute. Project is to promote the first stage play inspired by the popular classic thief manga. Check out PV below:

As you can hear it’s featuring the remake of the anime’s main theme. Maasa Sudo from Berryz Kobo with Maimi Yajima and Mai Hagiwara from C-ute will be a sister trio of mysterious thieves. Andrew Tamon Niwa will produce the stage play. The Cat’s Eye stage play will run from September 22 to September 30 at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater. Than on October 13-14 at the Osaka Ion Cosmetics Theater Brava! stage. So if you are planning a trip to Japan… ;-)

ALCON 2012

Tickets are still available at Ł35 for all four days for Leicester-based anime and gaming event Alcon this 6-9 September, but make sure you get yours soon before they run out! You can get yours HERE. One-day tickets, at an amazing Ł12 per day are also available HERE!

The deadline for payments for tickets will be the 3rd September, or whenever all 1,000 places are sold out so make sure to get yours soon!

There is a provisional timetable of events now available! Go check it out and start planning your day HERE!

Video by CrazyLuffProduction

Alcon have an amazing lineup of guests in store, including the likes of Kyle Hebert (who has voiced Kamina from Guren Lagaan amongst over FIFTY other anime and gaming titles), LittleKuriboh (YGO Abridged, DBZ Abridged etc), MasakoX as well as cosplay-guests Valdrein, Twinfools, Nova, KellyJane and TealPirate and many more (almost thirty guests in all!)

They will have events and activities going on from 10am in the morning through to 3am at night, including a dealers room, anime screenings, anime bar and night-club, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming room, another room for retro-gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing, J-Culture, Cosplay Hangout, events, panels and much more, there is something for everyone, with more special events than you can shake a stick (of pocky) at!


There is a provisional timetable of events now available! Go check it out and start planning your day HERE!



Watch Anime
Buy Anime/Manga Goodies
TCG Tournaments
RPG Gaming
Tabletop Gaming
12+ Cosplay Workshops
12+ VideoGame Tournaments
Talent Show
AMV Contest
AMV Making Panel
J-Pop Night/Party
Anime Party
Whose Line is it Anime?
Live Band Performances
6+ Manga Workshops
Baka no Gameshow
Prop Making for Beginners
Pub Quiz
Steampunk Guide
BJD Panel and Meet
Voice Acting Workshops
Calligraphy Workshops
Chibi Clay Modelling
Charity Auction
Chiptunist Performances
Cosplay Auction
Cosplay Blind-Date
Cosplay Masquerade
Crossplay panel
DDR Tournament
The Clan Battle
J-Culture Talks
EIGHT epic parties
Dub That Anime
Fursuitting Making
Glowstick Rave
Hentai Panel
Making Anime Workshop
Introduction to GunPla
Kimono Demo
Masquerade Ball
Video Game Party
Oriental Lantern Workshop
Origami Workshop
K-Pop Night/Party
Wig Styling
Yaoi Panel
Cosplay Photography


Location: De Montfort University, Leicester
Dates: 6th-9th September 2012
Price: Just £35 for all four days. Accommodation available at nearby hotels such as Leicester Travel Lodge.

You must register and pay beforehand to attend! Guarantee Your Place And Go Register Now!

AI special return home concert In L.A.!

AI, Japanese Hip-hop/R&B/Soul singer will perform in LA – her hometown, she  will present songs from the album “Independent”, atop with the single “Happiness / Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons”(1,300,000 downloads), “UTSUKUSHIKIMONO” theme song from “Berserk” and a song with really strong lyrics – “Independent woman”. A concert will take place on August 24th at L.A’s Nokia Theater. You can buy tickets here

Below you can see a special video massage from AI about this American concert:


Anime Expo 2012 – “Halo attack”

If you haven’t noticed, there was an Anime Expo few days ago in LA. Many anime fans are also fans of Halo universe. Of course they could not miss it. Dressed in armor and appropriate weaponry they visited the exhibition halls. Photos from the event below.

Get Ready for London Anime Con this Weekend!

Are you all packed and ready for London Anime Con this weekend? Taking place at The Rocket Complex, Holloway Road, it has been confirmed that even if you missed the online-sales deadline, there will be tickets available on the door due to increased capacity – so don’t worry about not being able to get in and make sure to go along! At just ?10 for an entire day and night until 1am in the morning, it’s excellent value for money.

Check out travel information and how to get to the event here, and you can browse the London Anime Con website and view what guests and events it has to offer at

To get an idea of the event, it’s atmosphere and what there is, why not check out this music-video that was created by the band Superpowerless at the last London Anime Con.

London Anime Con – get your online discount tickets now

London Anime Con (Get your online discount tickets now HERE ) is the anime and gaming event this 30th June and 1st July which you must not miss!

With Video Gaming, Manga, Karaoke, an Anime Bar, Cosplaying, Trading Card Gaming, Live-Music, and Massive Parties on till past midnight there is too much to do! Check out the full timetable and highlights HERE which include the Cosplay Masquerade, Otaku Fashion Show, Pub Quiz, DDR Olympics & much-much more!

The Deadline for Paying Online: Is 26th June. We advise you to register and pre-pay since -

1. Pre-paid get priority when signing in – so shorter queue.
2. You get in at £8 instead of £10.
3. You can get in at 11am instead of midday.
4. You get a free conbook and goodies.
5. You can pre-order a con t-shirt at the same time.

Register and Pre-Pay Online now HERE.

Dark Shadows in Tokyo

Director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp came to Japan to attend the premiere of their latest movie Dark Shadows at Roppongi Hills on May 12. Japanese fans didn’t let the crew down and did a great job at cosplaying the main characters from the movie (see the photo). Also, look who else is a fan of Burton – if it isn’t Asagi from D?! Dark Shadows opens in Japan on May 18.

International manga contest

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has announced the 6th International MANGA Award, the contest established to promote manga overseas. If you are a mangaka, don’t live in Japan and want to share your works with the world, don’t hesitate and take part in the contest! There is a lot to fight for: the best artist will be invited to Japan for around 10 days as supplementary prize for the award ceremony and given the opportunity to meet Japanese cartoonists. The printed entries must arrive by 15 June 2012, so better hurry up! Check more details at: