Cat’s Eye Seven promo video for “Cat’s Eye”

A new unit have been formed – Cat’s Eye Seven, it includes members of idol groups Berryz Kobo and C-ute. Project is to promote the first stage play inspired by the popular classic thief manga. Check out PV below:

As you can hear it’s featuring the remake of the anime’s main theme. Maasa Sudo from Berryz Kobo with Maimi Yajima and Mai Hagiwara from C-ute will be a sister trio of mysterious thieves. Andrew Tamon Niwa will produce the stage play. The Cat’s Eye stage play will run from September 22 to September 30 at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater. Than on October 13-14 at the Osaka Ion Cosmetics Theater Brava! stage. So if you are planning a trip to Japan… ;-)

DEPAIN new single!

Single will be titled “DOLL”. It will be released on 12th September. It will contain two songs and a DVD with PV for “DOLL”!



- 01 DOLL
- 02 Kuro ni oboreta koufukuron


- 01. DOLL [PV]
- 02. [Unknown]

On 3rd September after band live concert in Shinjuku LOFT, the fans will get DEPAIN’s 10th secret DVD as a gift, there will be also a pre-sale of a new single and a special announcement from band.

Shota Shimizu New Single “366 Nichi”

“366 Nichi” will be a single cover of rock band HY’s 2008 track. Izumi Nakasone will appear in the new single. She will play the piano and sing in the chorus of the song. She took Shimizu’s offer to work on the single because she is a great fan of him. The single will be released on September 12th. To refresh you memory check out Shota Shimizu – Be With You (feat. JOE):

New single from GACKT

GACKT, Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, actor and author will release a new single this October 10th titled “Hakuro”. The songs is now used as a thame song in live-adaptation of CAPCOM’s game “Sengoku Basara~Moonlight Party”. Gackt plays the role of Evil King Oda Nobunaga in this.

There will be two versions: Regular Edition [CD only] and Limited Edition [CD+DVD contains "Hakuro" PV ]. Check out “Hakuro” preview below:


angela 19th Single, [K] anime in October

jPop duet angela have shared a news that their 19th single titled KINGS will be out on October 24th. It will be used as the opening theme song to the original TV [K] anime  which will  air in Japan on October 4th.


2. *Title TBA*
3. KINGS – off vocal
4. *Title TBA* – off vocal

KINGS music video

Latest 4th trailer [K] anime :


Anna Tsuchiya’s “Voyagers” single preview!

Check out a short preview of Anna Tsuchiya’s latest single, “Voyagers”. It is the theme song of “Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: It’s Space Time, Everyone!” and it will be release on August 27th. There will be three versions: CD+DVD Ver. Fourze and Ver. Anna, and CD-Only Regular Edition, for 1800 yen and 1200 yen respectively. You can pre-order your copy under this link:



LIV’ERT “Circle of Sorrow” single!

New visual kei band LIV’ERT will release their latest single “Circle of Sorrow”. It will be out on the 19th of September, it will contain two new songs.

- 01 Circle of Sorrow
- 02 Demise

But for now check out “Hate” single below:

Perfume covers and tracklists for Global Compilation Album

Perfume girlgroup will release a global compilation album this September 12th titled “Love the world”. There will be two versions: regular [CD only] and limited edition [CD+DVD]. Check out full tracklists:


1. Polyrythm
2. edge (remix)
3. love the world
4. Electro World
5. Chocolate Disco(2012-Mix)
8. Secret Secret
10. Baby cruising Love
11. Butterfly
13. Laser Bea,
15. MY COLOR (LTW-Mix)
16. Dream Fighter


1. FAKE IT – Video Clip
2. FAKE IT – Video Clip Making
3. Polyrythm – Historical Live Act Version

And covers: