PV for ef ~The First Tale~

MangaGamer has begun streaming a demo movie for its English release of ef ~The First Tale~, an adult interactive novel software. The visual game which inspired ef: a tale of memories anime will be therefore finally available to a wider audience! We invite you to watch the PV:


New eroge on sale (+18)

MangaGamer has launched its latest eroge by SCORE entitled ‘Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage?’. The game is now available for download from the distributor’s website for €19.95 (ca.$26) with uncensored sex scenes and female-only voice acting. The male protagonist discovers that he possesses magical powers, but wants to possess many other things…


High School Visual Novel for… Birds?!

It’s not a delayed April Fools’ joke! Although the title may be a bit misleading: this game is by all means for people, but those who want to act as pigeon teenagers on their PC screen. Hatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~ is a visual novel released digitally in 2011, but only recently unofficial English patches have been distributed on the Net. Now, you can look at the world from a different perspective, a bird’s eye view, so to speak. But actually, pigeon characters’ lives in this visual novel don’t differ much from typical high school dramas: they have their adolescent problems and affairs. What are your thoughts on this unusual project?

Hiiro no Kakera

Since March, a new anime Hiiro no Kakera, an adaptation of a Japanese visual novel game of the same title has been broadcast. Estimated for 12 episodes, it is currently airing the first episode which advertises the series. Next episodes are coming in April.

Anime’s genre is a combination of action and romance. It tells the story of Tamaki – a 17-year-old girl who for some reason is forced to live in a small village with her grandmother. On her arrival, the girl gets into trouble, from which she is rescued by an unknown man. As it turns out later, he belongs to a family that seeks to protect the princess. That is the beginning of Hiiro no Kakera series.

The style of this anime is nice to watch, the characters … Well, all you can say about them after seeing one episode is that they differ from each other and have various views on life. Certainly, in the subsequent episodes, we will slowly discover their intentions towards the main character.

Multilingual WorldCosplay community

WorldCosplay community, a website where cosplayers can share their pictures, now is available in different most popular languages: German, English, Itialian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and also Mandarin and Cantonese. The community allows to share pictures, information, making friends and not only. Most popular users or cosplayed characters appears in rankings. Pictures can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

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5pb – Japanese video game production company began streaming a 100-second trailer for their new visual novel adventure game on Friday. The promotional video gives us an insight into a basic story background and also a list of characters and their voice actors equivalents. ‘

As a player you will become a girl named Lilith and choose with whom of the male lead characters you want to start a relationship while traveling through the world of Anelheid. Depending on your choice you wil get different endings.

„Beyond the Future – Fix the Time Arrows” will ship on December 1 in Japan. You will have a choice between the PSP portable platform (limited edition version – $106, regular version – $80) and the Play Station 3 console (limited edition – $120, regukar game – $93)

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TV Anime Fate/Zero

The fifth of seven commercials of the television anime series had its premiere last Saturday on Japanese airwaves and the sixth on Sunday.

The anime is an adaptation of the prequel novel by Gen Urobuchi into a visual novel software. The story is set a decade before Fate/stay night and reveals the 4th Holy Grail War. The fifth commercial focuses on the master Kayneth and his servant Lancer.

The new anime will be launched in October.

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